About Our Company


Our Company started from a group of Independent Professionals, ex International Organization’s Directors in the Upstream Energy Sector, (Oil, Gas, and Geothermal).

We are committed to assist Companies with our knowledge and expertise to explore, develop, construct, and operate Oil, Gas and Geothermal fields for energy production, district heating, and greenhouses heating.

IPM has developed a business model in which we evaluate and minimize risks related to the underground resources by understanding and mapping geological structures, interpreting geological information and seismic data, designing the initial exploratory drilling and the following reservoir evaluation and development to maximize underground resource production.

Solutions tailored to a specific need, ensure an efficient use of resources, the achieve of better outcome and the rise of operational standards through implementation of recognized international procedures and practices which will deliver financial benefit to our customers.

What We Offer


  • Evaluate the risk and minimize costs of the initial exploration phase. We assist our clients to evaluate project cost, the funding to take the risk, and the feasibility of investing in long-term partnerships.
  • By applying international recognized standards and best practices, that IPM successfully used in a wide range of projects worldwide and with solutions tailored to each specific project characteristic, costs are driven down, together with a shortening in execution and learning time.
  • We guarantee the operability of the facility for many years and performance when it is up-and-running.
  • We assist in complying with local regulations and obtaining local permissions.
Why Choose Us


Our experience in many projects done worldwide secure the support of local communities, from the people who live in and from the authorities.

To be a preferred energy consultant company by building trusted relationships with our clients.

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We believe in building long lasting our business relationships.

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